Corporate develepment

The company Lehmann + Baltzer was founded by Bruno Lehman and Paul Baltzer in a basement in the town of Lommatzsch in Saxony.

The history of our current company started with the production of cosmetic mirrors, lenses and reading glasses.

In 1950, Lehmann + Baltzer was re-established in Schönsee with the then owner HG Lehmann under its present name of LECO GmbH. The town of Schönsee was chosen because many glass processing companies had settled in this area along the so-called "watercourse" and ideal conditions were, therefore, available for glass and mirror manufacturing.

At the beginning, we started with the production of hall mirrors, but LECO succeeded in its entry into the automotive industry in 1954, for which we are still active to date in the production of exterior mirrors and sun visor mirrors of different models. 10 years later, the earlier tradition with vanity mirrors has successfully continued by including these again in production schedule. In the 1990's, LECO took a foothold in the furniture and plumbing industry and has since supplied major companies with glass and mirrors in different sizes, shapes and finishes.

With the introduction of a quality management system in 2003 and the subsequent certification to ISO 9001, LECO addressed the increased demands of customers and installed a water treatment system in 2008 in order to also contribute to enviromental protection.